Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Digital Scrapbooking "Stuff"

I am going to be going through some of my older stuff and will be posting it here for FREE.  As I make more digital pages and like the elements and such I will also be posting them here as HODGEPODGE.  I hope you will pick them up and please respect that I put a lot of work into what I make and please share the link to my site and the link to the downloads.  The only way I can keep this working is knowing that there are those out there that appreciate what I am trying to do.  Thank You

I am going through my files of misc stuff that I have made and really didn't want to just delete them so here they are.  I will be going through more and will have a monthly grab bag file.  Hope you find something you like in them.

Just click HERE for April's Grab Bag

Just click HERE for the little Owls

  Just click HERE


just click HERE 

Here are some "Patterned Doodles"
Just click HERE

Here are some semi transparent "Doodles"

Just click HERE
Here is something I was just having some fun with.  Hope you like them
CardBoard Frames
Just click HERE

It has been a long week for me and it seems I haven't achieved much but here are a few papers I thought you might like.

If you like them then just click HERE

Here are a few more from my old files.  I hope you like them.

A Dogs Life
Just click HERE
Here is A Little Something
Just click HERE
We love those little boys in our life!
Just click HERE
How about something for Autumn
Just click HERE
Here is one for that special occasion...Baptism
Just click HERE
And here comes Halloween
Just click HERE
Every day we make .... Memories

Just click HERE

I love my dog so here is another one ...I Love My Dog
Just click HERE
I love the Wizard of Oz and thought how cute an Over The Rainbow would be
Just click HERE
This I think is really cute...Plaids and Paisley
Just click HERE

How about scrapping your recipes? Here is one just for that
Just click HERE

How about ...What's Cooking
Just click HERE
Don't you just love ....Satin and Pearls
Just click HERE
For the bowling enthusiast ...Let's go bowling
Just click HERE

Who's Blue....
Just click HERE
And here are some beads

Just click HERE
And to remember the summer time....Watermelon Time
Just click HERE


I just thought this was to cute.  It is great for those multi shots we take just to get that one perfect one.

Just click HERE

I am still having fun making frames.  Frames just make a pge look so finished.
Just click HERE

Here are some Birth Stone Heart Frames that I thought were kind of cute.

Just click HERE

Here is the new Freebie....Just Beads. 


Just click HERE to get them.

Well I just couldn't help myself, I thought this was a cute set of pages and with scholol about to start here it is. A set of Back to School quick pages.  These are good for starting out as all you have to do is add photos and text

It's Back to School

Just click HERE to get it

Here is an old kit that I think is cute.  Hope you will like it

Just click HERE to get it

How about all of those BooBoo's

Just click HERE to get it.

It's Black and White!  Just click HERE

Here is Blue Jean Cutie!

Just click HERE to get it
 How about some "Baby Love"

Click HERE for the backgrounds

Click HERE for the borders

Click HERE for the Elements

Click HERE for the frames

How about some coloring pages?

There are alphabets included in this one.  Just click HERE to get it.
This one is special to me....Autism Awareness
Click HERE to get it.

Feeling a little F.R.O.G   
Just click HERE
Yep, Halloween is coming up
Click HERE
Need some Alphabets?
Just click HERE


  1. hello Maggie, I'm not abble to ask for friendship on facebook (I am well logged in...).
    I wanted to thank for the multi shots template. :)
    I saw your page on scrapbookflair and said to myself "what a good idea!" :)
    So I shared it on my fb page and also in a group sharing freebies :
    it is a french name but international posts are there :)
    I'm putting this message here as I cannot on fb :)

    doing this I discover that you are offering a lot of things!
    thank you so much, will share :)

    you will find some things on my blog for you to :)

    see you soon on scrapbookflair :)
    Nathalie alias NathL

    1. I am on fb as well
      I will hop over to the site you have on fb and check it out. Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you so much for all the beautiful freebies. I'll see you on Facebook as I love your work. Hugs Maureen xxx

  3. Thank you for your lovely little freebies. Love them and will most certainly use most of them. Will also go look for you on facebook. Debbie Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

  4. Thank you, I did grab some frames! Awesome. will visit again, and have added you to my G+ friend connect. Visit me if you get a chance.